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Mrs Dinneen Vollero Web Pages

   Welcome to our Kindergarten Web Site!!!!  Please read the "Class Info" section for information on my plans for the upcoming month.  Please check back frequently for updates, reminders and important announcements. 

 Thank You!

Mrs. Vollero :)


**Please send in a snack and a lunch every day.  Your child will need a drink for snack each day, as well as for lunch.  If you choose to order milk through the school, your child will receive it at lunch.

Lunch tickets need to be purchased a week in advance and then sent in as needed in the supplied plastic pouch in the special folder you will receive on the first day of school.

Your child will receive a special folder on the first day of school that is to be used EVERY day for all home/school communication.  It has a plastic, labeled pouch in it for you to use for all money, lunch tickets, etc..  Please note that I will not be able to go through each child's backpack every day.  I will remind each child to bring up their folder each morning, so please put all notes, homework, correspondences and the plastic pouch in the folder to ensure that I will receive everything.  Please empty the folder every afternoon so that you are kept aware of upcoming events, assignments and activities.  Thank You!!